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Following the Quakers

NOTE: I INCLUDE THIS POST FOR HISTORICAL INTEREST. THE LINK, OFTEN INCLUDED IN MANY FAMILY TREES, BETWEEN MARGARET PUGH CROY AND ELLIS PUGH IS WEAK, BASED ON MY RESEARCH! The real reason for coming to Pennsylvania wasn’t to delve into documentation though I’ve done a little of that and plan to do more. The real reason was Place; there is import to Place. Environment transforms the attitude, decisions, and mindset of the people in that place, and they in turn transform the place. I came to feel place. Consequently many pieces of the trip have been spent following the footsteps of our Quaker ancestors and standing on the ground, much changed and much the same, which they stood upon.This all happened thanks to my husband’s patience as Siri talked us through backroads to odd little corners of Pennsylvania. First, we went to Marion Meeting House constructed by Ellis Pugh, a four times great grandfather of Margaret Pugh, my great, great grandmother. The Welsh people’s skill with stone was the catalyst for changes in construction now so evident in the many old stone buildings dotting Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, as you can see from the before picture I found and the now picture I took, the building has changed significantly.

Old Merion Meeting House

New Merion Meeting House

Ellis Pugh is buried here somewhere but, because it was so long ago and Quakers humble nature prohibited them from advertising even their deaths, it is unmarked.

We also took the trek down into what is now Maryland where William Penn created the Nottingham Lots especially to lay claim to land claimed by Lord Baltimore.

It was here that John Pugh moved with wife Jane Rees. They had William who married Patience Brown, daughter of Daniel Brown and his wife Elizabeth Kirk. Pugh’s, Kirk’s, and Brown’s littered the graveyard, but once again our ancestors of the time had unmarked graves. This meeting house, called the Brick House, looks as it did long ago. Standing here looking out over the rolling hills and red and orange vistas, I imagine John Pugh helping with the stone construction.

Brick Meeting House: Nottingham Lots



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