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Treat #2 for a New Year: The Croy Boys

The Croy Boys

The Croy Boys

This photograph includes all six of Calvin and Sarah Payne Smith Croy’s sons. My best guess as to which is which is (back row) Albert Lloyd, Gardner Lester, Justus Leonice, David Harrison, (front row) Charles Henry, and William Duncan. I based this on World War I draft information and approximate ages along with comparisons of the few other photos available. World War I draft cards are a wealth of information extremely useful for identification purposes, residency, and family relationships. The cards described Justus as tall with blue eyes and light hair, William as medium build with blue eyes and dark hair, Lloyd as short and stout with grey eyes and light hair, Gardner as of medium build and height with blue eyes and brown hair, and David as short and stout with blue eyes and light brown hair. I used a picture of David and some of my grandfather, Justus, to help fine tune my “guesses.” And the date? Most likely about 1917 just before Lloyd, who died at the Battle of Argonne in WWI in 1918, entered the army. It is this detective work with its constant questioning, wondering, and discovery that I relish.

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The author, a writer of history and historical fiction, always yearned to go back in time.

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  1. Linda DeBernardi

    Amazing photo! Good detective work!

    • Linda, Thanks…in the new year I am thankful for a great relative. Donna History lives only in the persons who created it. …As we look upon their faces, as we learn the stories of their lives, it will live again before us, … Rev. E.B. Hillard, The Last Men of the Revolution, p. 24.


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