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Treat #8 for a New Year: Reminiscence about Jacob and Margaret Croy

“The house was built by her grandfather Jacob. He also had a shop and made coffins for the departed of the neighborhood. Grandmother was a hardworking, high tempered lady, who cooked the food for all their ten children on a crane in the fireplace. She baked all the bread in an iron sort of pot in front of the fireplace by placing hot coals on top and around it. She had a loom and wove all the material to make clothing. She raised the flax, carded and spun the thread, then wove it into material. She used the bark of trees for dyes for the materials.”

This is just part of a two page reminiscence found while going through some papers given to me by my cousin’s wife. An unknown Margaret Croy wrote it about her great grandmother and grandfather. Her great grandmother, for whom she was named, Margaret Pugh Croy, was my great, great grandmother and lived from 1813 to 1884, mostly in southern Ohio. In this paragraph she repeats recollections of Agnes Schoonover Knowles, a grandchild of Jacob and Margaret.

While there is no picture to post here, an early one does exist. She indicates this in her writing and I would love to find it! Pictures help us visualize a person and their world, but it is paragraphs like this that magically bring both to life. Keep a diary, write a letter, jot down a memory and tuck it away, for what is ordinary now will be extraordinary when viewed, in a different time, through another’s eyes.

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The author, a writer of history and historical fiction, always yearned to go back in time.

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  1. I have a picture of a Maggie Croy, from about 1952-1954? Was she ever in Tennessee? How old is the Margaret (Maggie Croy) in this blog?

    • Diane,
      This Margaret (who may or may not have been nicknamed Maggie) was born 2/13/1813 and died 3/31/1884. Her maiden name was Margaret Pugh, married Jacob Croy and lived mainly in Washington County, Ohio. I checked her children and found a Margaret Croy born in 1877 (Duncan, father.) Most likely though, whether a maiden or married name, she is related to one of the Pennsylvania Croys that migrated down through Virginia around 1800. Happy hunting. Donna

      • Lisa Knowles Maciag

        I have a great deal of info on Agnes and a photo She was married to Leverett Knowles and mother of Clyde Knowles.

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