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Treat #10 for a New Year: Eunice or Charlotte Croy

Eunice Croy evidence? copyAccording to my father, Justus and Mollie Croy, his parents had one child, a girl, who died young, living from 1908 until 1910. He called her Charlotte. Later, I discovered that some family members called her Eunice. So which was it? Based on this letter, written at the time of my birth by Helen Croy DeBernardi it seems the later is true. Since Mollie Ison Croy lived with my aunt from the time Justus died until the her death, I am incline to believe the letter. In honor of my father, and just to be sure, in the genealogical records I call her Eunice Charlotte. The letter reveals a loss still felt, and I am happy that I reminded her of her lost child.

No more missives for a while. I plan to spend some time attempting to transfer old family slides to the computer. Which me luck!

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The author, a writer of history and historical fiction, always yearned to go back in time.

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