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Revolutionary War Roll Call on the 4th of July

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“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” — Tom Paine, 1776

I dedicate this day and this posting to the Revolutionary War Militia of Bedford County, PA, 1st Battalion, Captain Samuel Paxton’s Company (including Will’s Creek Settlement Co.) and the award winning web site Mother Bedford. Visit it for great documentation of Revolutionary War times, particularly in Pennsylvania.

Paternal ancestors (in bold) and relations who were Members of Captain Samuel Paxton’s Co., 1st Battalion, Bedford Militia 1778-1780,

  • Jacob (Crow)Croy: Sergeant & Ensign (Will’s Creek Settlement Co.); 1781- Captain William McCall’s Co, 7th Reg.,3rd Battalion
  • Alexandr(Alexander) Huston
  • Andrew Huston: Sergeant; 1781- Captain William McCall’s Co, 7th Reg.,3rd Battalion
  • Ritchard(Richard) Croy
  • Edward Huston
  • Robert Huston: 1776-Captain Richard Brown’s Co., Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment, Pennsylvania Line
  • Mikel(Michael) Oswalt
  • Tobies(Tobias) Oswalt
  • Isiah McLess (Isaiah McLish)

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