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Jacob and Mary Huston Croy and Progeny in Ohio-Part 1

My most recent acquisition...a little blurry but confirms Richard Croy's life in Portage County, OH

My most recent acquisition…a little blurry but confirms Richard Croy’s life in Portage County, OH. “In Hudson Feb 9th, Mr. Richard Croy, aged 66, after a lingering sickness of several weeks. He came to Hudson in the spring of 1806, he lived a moral, peaceable and industrious life worthy of imitation by all. He left a widow and children, and a large circle of friends to mourn their loss. On the 1st day of March, Richard Croy, son of the deceased, very suddenly of bilious colic, aged 16 years.”

Anticipating my trip to Ohio at the end of April 2016, I decided to review and dig deeper into the Ohio families, beginning with my 4x great-grandparents Jacob Croy, Mary Huston Croy, and their children. (I am focusing only on Jacob, not the other brothers but a little on brothers Richard and Mathias can be found here.)

Here is the first stage of my chronologically review, covering the first two decades in Ohio. Our family is extremely lucky to have a Chancery Record that names each of Mary Huston Croy Roberts’ children (all surnamed Croy) and their places of residence. They are 1. Jacob Jr., 2. Andrew (3x great-grandfather), 3. Elizabeth, 4. Sarah, 5. Richard, 6. Rebecca, 7. Mathias, 8. Eleanor, 9. David, 10. Margaret.(see Summary from the Chancery Record of Alexander Huston filed 7 March 1830)

Here is a timeline of records for the family in the first two decades in Ohio (+ 6 years.)

  • 1798 (The first known presence of the family in Ohio) Elizabeth Croy marries David DeVore (a prominent name in Londonderry Township, Bedford Cty, PA, from which they came) in Jefferson County, Dec. 31(Records indicate a pioneer, David Devore, in Muskingum County from 1798 to 1810)[i]
  • 1803 Ohio becomes a state, March 1 and Columbiana County forms out of Jefferson County
  • 1803 Jacob Croy Jr. marries Sarah Stoner in Jefferson County, Oct. 5[ii]
  • 1805 Jacob Croy (father of all mentioned) files land grant, Columbiana County residence, Aug. 2[iii]
  • 1806 Richard Croy becomes resident of Portage County based on obituary[iv]
  • 1807 Sarah Croy marries John Delong in Columbiana County, Sept. 4[v]
  • 1807 Mary Huston Croy (mother of all mentioned) marries George Roberts in Columbiana County, Oct. 6[vi]
  • 1808 Stark County forms out of Columbiana County, Feb. 13
  • 1816 Mathias Croy marries Susan Pugh in Stark County, Jan. 2[vii]
  • 1816 Elinor (Eleanor) Croy marries John Marquis in Madison County, May 1816[viii]
  • 1816 Richard Croy marries Luna Kellogg in Portage County, Sept. 9[ix]
  • 1820 Union County forms out of Madison County, April 1
  • 1820 Mary Roberts appears on Union and Madison County, OH Federal census with two children (aged coinciding with David and Margaret) and no male head of household[x]
  • 1820 John Marquis and James Russel (Elizabeth’s 2nd marriage based on Chancery Records) appear on Madison County, OH Federal census[xi]
  • 1820 Richard Croy appears on Portage County, OH Federal census[xii]
  • 1820 John Delong (of Sarah Croy) appears on Tuscarawas County, OH Federal census[xiii]
  • 1824 Mary Huston Croy dies Aug. 9, buried in Plain City, Madison County, find-a-grave information[xiv] Note: Mary Huston Croy was married to Jacob Croy, NOT Andrew, a rampantly reproduced error on many genealogies! Mary’s grave marker in the Darby Township Cemetery in Plain City, Madison County, states her death as August 9, 1824, matching with information in the Chancery records regarding residence and death before 1830. She or her children chose to mark her name as Mary Croy on that stone, giving her husband’s name as Jacob, which intersects with Pennsylvania records.

So, reading between the lines, when did they get here and where did they go? The family likely arrived sometime between 1796 and 1798 based on the last known record of Jacob in Pennsylvania and the marriage of his daughter in Jefferson County, Ohio. Jacob died between the fall of 1805 and 1807. Up to that point they lived in Stark/Columbiana/Jefferson County (all the same place,) most likely what is now Pike Township, Stark County, the site of the land grant.

But families grow apart, and Jacob’s death and Mary’s remarriage likely accelerated the process. Richard moved to Portage County, at some point in 1806. Sometime before 1816, Mary and George had moved to Darby Township in Madison County, along with David, Margaret, Eleanor, and Elizabeth whose husband had died. By 1820, George had died and Mary lived as head of household with David and Margaret. Eleanor had married John Marquis and lived by mother in Madison County. Elizabeth had remarried to James Russel and lived by mother. Mathias stayed in Stark County based on his 1816 marriage and Sarah along with her husband, John Delong, lived in Tuscarawas County.

What questions surface from the timeline?

  • Where was Andrew from the families arrival until his mother’s death?
  • What about Rebecca Croy during this time?
  • What happened to Jacob Jr and Sarah Stoner Croy?

I’ll delve deeper into those questions and explore the next two decades in Part 2.

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  1. still trying to tie Indiana croys in…an elisabeth croy buried in cunot cemetary cunot Ind along w /a bunch more dating back to late 1700s

    • Jon, Here are the Croy’s I know went to Indiana from Ohio. John, Alexander, and Joseph Croy (of John Croy and Susannah Huston from Montgomery Cty, OH) to Montgomery Cty. Indiana. Jacob Jr. (of Jacob Croy and Mary Huston) from Marion Cty, OH to LaGrange Cty. Indiana. Mathias (of Jacob and Mary) from Stark/Carroll Cty to Dekalb Cty, Indiana and finally Benjamin Croy (of Mathias Croy and Mary Horn) from Belmont Cty to Tippecanoe Cty, Indiana whom most family records name as the father of Valentine of Cunot. Nothing is definite in this regard that I can find as Benjamin died probably before 1840. Except for Jacob Jr and Mathias, none are collateral relations so I have not delved deep.

  2. Donna,

    I want to let you know that your blog is listed in today’s Fab Finds post at

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Following your search is encouraging for those of us who entertain the idea of such a daunting task! Thanks, Pam


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