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Mary and Jacob and Progeny: Part 2

Mathias marriageIn my last post I began to analyze my records regarding Mary Huston Croy and Jacob Croy, my 4x great-grandparents and children and covered the period from first record in Ohio to 1824. Because, Ohio did not require the recording of births and deaths before 1867 and detailed familial information did not appear on census records until 1850 (with familial relationships appearing in 1880), definitive information regarding family relationships before those dates must be extracted mostly from probate, church, or family records. Tax and census records are useful (very useful in my opinion) for determining residency, movement, and proximal relationships, but cannot “prove” familial ties. I constantly thank John Huston for obstinately pursuing his interest in his mother’s land (over fifteen years after his father’s death, more on that here.) The lengthy report contains important information and also provides clues for investigation. In this post I continue my analysis from 1824-1839, with a little early overlap to include some added discoveries.

Let’s begin with an overview of the information on my 3x great grandfather, Andrew Croy. He first shows up in tax records, 1826-1828, for Brown Township, Stark County, right across the border from Rose Township where his wife, Susannah Oswalt’s family settled. On April 2, 1829 he purchased land in Rose Township where, besides his wife’s family, his brother Mathias lived. He appears on the 1830 census for Rose Township, and owned a lot in the town of Morges in Rose Township from 1834-1838. (Check out the Morges years here.)

I was unable to find a marriage record for Andrew Croy and Susannah Oswalt. (We know they were married thanks to the Chancery Records.) Under the premise that they might have been overlooked in indexing, I decided to scrutinize the Ohio marriage records on Family Search. They would likely have married between 1798 and 1801, (the home of the extended family was in Jefferson County at the time.) I checked the on-line FamilySearch marriage records for Jefferson and discovered deteriorated 1798 to 1803 records with many missing pages. I did not find their marriage records, probably because they were lost or not recorded.

One tip given to genealogists is to go beyond indexes and find the original documents. I decided to look for every original marriage record for the family using FamilySearch. I found all the Ohio Genealogical Society indexed records there except Elizabeth Croy and David Devore, 1798. The big reveal came when I found the record shown above. It indicates that Andrew’s brother, Mathias, was married in Brown Township, Stark County. It is very rare for these records to include the township (and, as an aside, to be recorded by a man with the same last name as the bride), so I was very excited. (Okay, I’m a genea-geek; odd things excite me.) Anyway, this tangential evidence indicates the two brothers likely lived in Brown Township in 1816. Keep in mind, Mathias was between six and ten years of age when his father died and his mother remarried. Could his brother have taken him in?

On another note of discovery, I posed the question in my last post–What happened to Mary and Jacob’s son, Jacob Jr. and his wife Sarah Stoner. Using the Chancery Records as a jumping off place, I discovered that by 1830 Jacob Jr. had left Marion County, OH with his family after his wife died in 1824. He bought land in White Pigeon Township, St Joseph Ct., Michigan right over the border from LaGrange, Indiana. (The land claim indicates he came from Marion Ct., OH) He engaged in some land speculation, naming his residence alternately as Allen (1834) and LaGrange County (1839). While I found less definitive records for Rebecca Croy Stoner, who married John Stoner, Sarah’s brother, her will shows that her life mirrored her brother’s life, owning land in Honey Lake, Michigan; LaGrange, Indiana, and West Unity, Williams Ct., OH.

The rest of the children stayed in Ohio their whole lives. Richard maintained his life in Hudson Township, Portage/Summit County, OH. Margaret, David, Elizabeth and Eleanor stayed near where their mother died in Darby Township, Madison/Union County, OH. (I have no record of Elizabeth after 1830…possible remarriage?) The Chancery Records document Sarah Croy Delong’s death in 1834 in Tuscarawas County, OH. Mathias disappears from Stark County after 1830 and, while other records for a Mathias Croy exist (Shelby Ct), none can be definitively our Mathias.

Next week I complete my review of the Mary Huston Croy/Jacob Croy family, determine next posts, and set some goals for the trip around this family. So far though, because of the Chancery Records and information I’ve already gleaned, I think most of my goals for this family will be to visit some of the places they lived, take photos of their burial sites, and inhale the magic of place.

1816   Mathias Croy marries Susannah Pugh in Brown Township, Stark County, OH[i]

1820   Mother Mary Huston Croy, census Darby Township, Union/Madison Ct.[ii]

1820   Andrew Croy census, Brown Township, Stark Ct. (omitted from previous post-1st OH record)[iii]

1824   Mother Mary Huston Croy dies, Aug 9[iv]

1825   Sarah Stoner Croy: wife of Jacob dies in Marion Ct., after which Jacob goes to Indiana[v]

1826-1830 Mathias Croy Personal Property in Rose Township, Stark Ct., OH (Index info only)[vi]

1828   David Croy marries Sally (Sarah) Wasson Dec 14 Franklin Ct.[vii]

1826-1828 Andrew Croy Personal Property in Brown Township, Stark Ct., OH (Index info only)[viii]

1829 Andrew Croy purchase:E ½ of SE corner of S 17, T16, R7 (Rose Township) Stark Ct.[ix]

1830   Andrew Croy, Personal Property in Rose Township, Stark (Carroll) Ct. (Index info only)[x] Andrew Croy, census, Rose Township, Stark Ct.[xi] Jacob Croy Jr. in Indiana Territory, census, White Pigeon Township, St Joseph Ct., Michigan Territory-very near LaGrange/ Purchased sw ¼ of Section 32, T 7S, R 11W previous residence Marion Ct.. OH[xii] Elizabeth widow of James Russel, census Darby Township, Union Ct. Margaret wife of John Jolly, census, Darby Township, Union Ct. David, Franklin Ct., census, Jerome Township, Union Ct. Eleanor of John Marquis, census, Darby Township, Madison Ct. Richard, census Hudson Township, Portage Ct. Mathias, census, Rose Township, Stark Ct. Rebecca of John Stoner, census Blooming Grove, Richland Ct. Sarah of John Delong, census Dorhman, Tuscarawas Ct.

1832   Carroll County formed of Stark County December 25

1833   Jacob Jr. census Petitioner, St. Joseph Ct., Michigan, Index only[xiii]

1834   Sarah Croy Delong dies Tuscarawas Ct., Chancery Record Jacob Jr. living in Allen Ct., IN purchased land W ½ of NW ¼ S 17 8S 7W subject to sale of White Pigeon Prairie, Michigan Territory land[xivJacob Jr. purchase: W ½ of NE corner of 34, T 38, N of R 10E, LaGrange, Indiana, Aug. 5[xv]

1834-1838 Andrew Croy owned lot in Morges, Carroll County tax records (see Morges for citations)

1839   Jacob Jr. purchase: SE ¼ of SW ¼ of Section 18, T 8S of R8W 40 acres in Bronson Ct.,     Michigan, May 1 Lived in LaGrange, IN[xvi]

1830- 1845 Rebecca Croy Stoner (based on her will, was in Honey Lake, Michigan near White Pigeon, and LaGrange County) Note: She and brother, Jacob, married Stoner brother and sister and moved together[xvii]

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