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Jacob and Mary Huston Croy & Progeny: Part 3

NEWS-OH-CO_TR.1863_12_23_0001With this post, my timeline for the family of Mary Huston Croy (Roberts) and Jacob Croy comes to an end (for now.) I review the period from 1839 until the death of all their children. The exercise exposed the holes in my research some of which I shored up as I discovered them. I feel confident in the strength of information, thanks in particular to the Chancery Records. They made sleuthing the family much easier.

Some holes exist: no record for Eleanor after 1850 (her husband died Jan 15, 1854, buried same cemetery as Mary Huston Croy,) No record for Elizabeth after 1840 (remarried?) and no definitive record of Mathias after 1834 Rose Township, Carroll Ct. tax records though he is possibly the Mathias of Shelby County from 1840 forward.

Andrew Croy moved after 1838 to White Eyes Township, Coshocton County where he ran a sawmill and gristmill as he had in Carroll County. He sold the mill in 1856, after which he and his wife, Susannah Oswalt Croy, moved to the home of his daughter back in Carroll County where they both died. By 1889 the last of the children, Margaret Croy Jolly, had died. But a new generation was already making its mark on Ohio.

My trip plans so far…

  • Union County: Must go to the Darby Township Cemetery in Plain City, Ohio where matriarch Mary Huston Croy is buried. I will check for Eleanor, since her husband is buried in the same cemetery. Also, I plan to contact the Ohio History Center and see if a side trip there would be useful. For example: Is there more information on Jacob Croy’s land grant? (I only have an index. The purchase was never completed.) And did George Roberts have a land grant? He was from Virginia and Darby Township was part of the Virginia Military Lands.
  • Stark County: Visit St. Luke Cemetery in Leavittsville, Monroe Township where Andrew Croy and Susannah Oswalt Croy are buried. Visit Morges in Rose Township. I’ll drive through Brown Township where Andrew and Mathias lived before moving down to Rose Township, and make a side trip to Pike Township to see the land Jacob Croy laid claim to before his death.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve burrowed deep into a wormhole called Ohio. With so many offspring, following the family is an exhausting dig.

Next Ohio posts: First, the family of Susannah Oswalt Croy who married Andrew Croy, afterwards I’ll delve into the progeny of Andrew and Susannah Croy, and finally review the life of Jacob and Margaret Pugh Croy and children. (Also, I plan a short post on a side trip I took into finding newspaper records.) See you next time. And meanwhile, if anyone has more to add, PLEASE contact me.

1839   Summit County formed of Portage Ct.

            Jacob Croy Jr. Land Office Branch, Michigan-residency LaGrange, Michigan[i]

1840[ii] Andrew Croy, census, White Eyes Township, Coshocton Ct.

Margaret wife of John Jolly, census, Darby Township, Union Ct.

David, Franklin Ct., census, Jerome Township, Union Ct.

Richard, census Hudson Township, Portage Ct.

Eleanor of John Marquis, census, Darby Township, Madison Ct.

Elizabeth Croy Russell, census, Darby Township, Madison Ct.

1850[iii]            Jacob Croy Jr. dies LaGrange Ct., Indiana, April 1[iv]

Eleanor Marquis, census, Darby Township, Union Ct.

Margaret Jolly, census, Darby Township, Union Ct.

Richard, census, Hudson, Summit Ct.

Andrew Croy, census, White Eyes, Coshocton Ct.

David, census, Concord, Delaware Ct.

1852   Richard Croy, dies Hudson, Summit Ct., Feb 9[v]

1854   Rebecca Croy Stoner, dies Williams County, Feb 22[vi]

1856   Andrew Croy conveys 7.23 acres, part of lot 9 in 1st ¼ of T 6, R 5 US Military land to David Reed “with grist and saw mill thereon” March 25 (Coshocton Ct.)[vii]

1859   Andrew Croy, dies Carroll County, Dec 20[viii]

1860[ix]            David H Croy, Census, Dover, Union Ct.

Margaret Croy Jolly, Census, Darby, Union Ct. (also 1870,1880)

1862   David H Croy, dies Union County, Oct 15[x]

1864   Susannah Oswalt Croy wife of Andrew dies Carroll County, Oct 26[xi]

1889   Margaret Croy Joll(e)y dies Union Ct., Jan 8[xii]

[i] Michigan, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1827-1870 [accessed 18 Jan 2016]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999.

[ii] 1840 U S Census; Census Place listed: contact me if you wish more info

[iii] 1850 U S Census: Census Place listed: see above

[iv] Find A Grave. Find A Grave. Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Big Island, Marion County, Ohio

[v] Richard Croy Obituary Summit Beacon 17 March 1852, page 2 column 6, housed at Akron-Summit Public Library, acquired December 2015.

[vi] Find A Grave. Find A Grave. Beatty Cemetery, West Unity, Williams County, Ohio

[vii] Coshocton Tri. Newspaper article, Sale of Real Estate by Court Order, 23 Dec 1863

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[ix] 1860 U S Census; Census Place listed: contact me if you wish more info

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[xii] Find A Grave. Find A Grave. Mitchell Cemetery, Union County, Ohio

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