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The Ohio History Connection: Thumbs Up!

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Jacob Croy Forfeit part 1

Receiver’s Ledger of the Steubenville Land Office, left side

Jacob Croy Forfeited Land part 2

Receiver’s Ledger of the Steubenville Land Office, left side

When I go to Ohio at the end of April, I have only two weeks. So, in the interest of saving time, I sprung for the $25 dollars required to do a single land search through the Ohio History Connection. Phenomenal!

This week I received a page long, single-spaced explanation of the purchase made in 1805 by Jacob Croy in Range 8, Township 9, Section 29 then of Columbiana County, Ohio. That information from the Early Ohioans’ Residences From the Land Grant Records was the only information I provided.

From the researcher’s superb efforts, I now know:

  • He made an initial payment to purchase the northwest quarter of R8, T9, S29
  • The claim was for 187.82 acres and sold for $2 an acre
  • The purchase price was $363.64
  • Jacob paid $90.91, leaving a balance of $272.73
  • He made no further payments
  • The land went into forfeiture by December 6, 1810
  • On October 18, 1811, Cornelius Hainelin purchased the forfeited tract
  • Cornelius received a patent for said land on December 12, 1815

The researcher substantiated all this information with documentation. In the interest of being thorough, he included land purchase information for too other Jacob Croy’s. Unbeknownst to him, they were Jacob’s son and his son Andrew’s son. He even expressed his regret that the additional information was for two different Jacob’s.

Consider the time I saved, the knowledge I tapped into through this researcher’s expertise, and my pleasure knowing just a little more about my earliest know Croy ancestor, all for $25. Is there a state research facility where your family settled? Use them! Are they from Ohio? Do not hesitate.

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