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Book Contract Signed!

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Me signing…so fast the pen blurs.

It’s official. Today I signed a contract with HBE Publishing for my first novel. I’m very excited to begin my collaboration with Dan Dunlee, the publisher, on what is tentatively titled Mary’s Mountains.

In the story Maggie, an amateur family historian (who lives with her husband in the Sierra foothills–sound familiar?), investigates not just the birth and death dates of people but makes soul deep connections across time. In a single document Maggie discovers a woman, name as yet unknown, living on the Pennsylvania frontier in late 1770, and that mysterious woman draws Maggie in. Parallel to her search, the “real” story of Mary Hutton and her husband, Jacob Carter, unfolds.

But that’s all for now because, well, these things take time, and publication is a long way off…maybe a year and a half. Until then, I’ll enjoy the process. For now–back to editing my second novel, which is also a Maggie Chronicle.

Am I excited? You bet. So, this is no Throwback Thursday; it is future focused. Forward Friday? Fabulous.

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The author, a writer of history and historical fiction, always yearned to go back in time.

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  1. Charlotte Gordon

    I thought I sent my congratulations earlier. Maybe I’m still learning this. I too, look forward to meeting Maggie.

  2. Phyllis Van Horn

    My name will be at the top of the waiting list. Can’t wait to “meet” Maggie. Congratulations Donna!


    Congratulations Donna! I’m soo thrilled for you!  I like the Maggie Chronicles. The summary is enticing! Tell Dan to hurry it up, I need my book soon!Can I share on my blog and facebook?


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