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Cleaning Up Wills Creek


View near Wills Creek

As my New Year’s Resolution promised, I am working to Be open to what I don’t know, accept when I don’t know it, and make sure I admit it, because what I don’t know opens me to discovery and growth.” I’ve gone through my Wills Creek, Pennsylvania ancestry and updated my tree and family sheets for that section only. It includes family of patriarchs and matriarchs Alexander Huston, Mary and Sarah Huston. Jacob Croy, Jacob Oswalt Sr and Jr, and Susanna Oswalt and Andrew Croy. You can find them here.western-pa-family-sheet-2017

I’ve been pointed in my level of confidence, I hope. If I have no documentation for a relationship, I indicate “Unknown.”If I calculated dates based on tax records, I say so. Any dates derived from census information either are noted as “about” with a ~ or “between” using <>. After applying for the First Ohio Families and Civil War Families, and having some very astute individuals asking for documentation that I couldn’t produce, I am VERY cautious. Of course there is always doubt…ie “My best conclusion with evidence at hand.” History is always a little uncertain. This is my best attempt.

Some new information surfaced and old information came into focus during the process. I found the gravesite of Rebecca Johnson, Clark County, Ohio daughter of Jacob and Mary Huston. file:///Users/user/Desktop/Rebecca%20Johnston%20(1773%20-%201841)%20-%20Find%20A%20Grave%20Memorial.webarchive Also found the newspaper article in the Glenville Democrat path finder about Peter Waggoner and Sarah Oswalt of Jacob Oswalt, Jr.  A great resource for that family, found in I also reworked all my information on the HUSTON family in Wills Creek. You can access that spreadsheet here.the-huston-family-in-western-pennsylvania

As I redo family sheets, I am eliminating my old family book narrative as it holds errors, and I plan to redo it—someday. Meanwhile my goal is to go through every set of family sheets and reorganize the pages to make room for a page devoted to my historical fiction where facts are a springboard into imaginary worlds.

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  1. Hi Donna, I’m thankful to be on your mailing list, you’ve done a wonderful job. John Waggoner is one of my ancestors. I’ve accumulated quite a bit of info on Ancestry, I’m overwhelmed by it and need to get back to working on it. My grandmother was Helena Burwell. Adam and Magdalena (Kleis) were her parents. My memory is failing me here, but I think one generation back is where the Waggoner name comes in. My grandmother was born in Magnolia. My husband and I visited there a few years back. Visited Morges, saw the church of course and also, from a distance, the house that had been built around the Waggoner log cabin. That house burned, taking the log cabin with it maybe two or three years ago. Thank you for all the references. I’ve come across info for the Waggoners in Westmoreland county, with Greensburg the county capital being the place where early probates were filed. Love getting a glimpse of what their lives may have been like. We live near Pittsburgh, hoping to visit Ohio again sometime in the not too distant future. – Judy

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    • Thank you for the lovely comment. It tugged at my wanderlust. I have a strong affinity for little Morges where my 2x and 3x great grandparents lived. You are lucky to live so near. California is so far away.


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