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What? An author page at Facebook @croywright & Twitter account @CroyWright—Really!

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An Author Page and Twitter await me…aargh!

In preparation for the debut of my American Historical Fiction novel, The Scattering of Stones, Dan, my publisher, asked me the question. The one I dreaded, “Donna, do you have a Twitter account? Instagram?”

I told him I was on Facebook.

He smiled, “Is it an author page.”

I stared. “How do you do that?” I asked.

Mind you, I’ve written a blog for six years now, and I post regularly. I can wrangle that little world quite well, but I’ve avoided the rest. Why? Me? Really? Social? I’m a history and genealogy buff. I write historical fiction. I’m not good at small talk. I wake at five o’clock and go to bed at eight. My husband and I tease that we were meant for another time, two hundred, two hundred fifty years ago maybe. I often click my heels three times wishing for a past without the rumble of machines and the distraction of technology. Though I admit I think twice due to the lack of medical advancements or indoor plumbing, and some excruciating women’s undergarments.

The above thoughts whirled through my brain while I continue to stare blank-faced at my publisher. Then I confronted the inevitable. My book—my investment in research, time, and the characters I love—their story deserved an audience. I would wade in, but not plunge. Dan introduced me to Audra, social media specialist. We made an appointment.

Then I went home and told my son Cedar Wright. But more on Cedar. He is a walking whirlwind. A professional athlete and filmmaker, if he isn’t adventuring in this universe, he’s whizzing around the technological one. Often, it happens simultaneously.

“Could you answer a few questions for me?” I asked.

Did I say he was a whirlwind?

“Mom…” The word held out with loving exasperation. “It’s easy. Where’s your laptop?”

“I just want to understand it better. I have an appointment.”

“Where’s your laptop?”

Whirlwind turns to hurricane, and in ten minutes, I have a Facebook author page and Twitter account. I have no idea what happened. As with the passing of any hurricane, I came out stunned, thankful to survive, and determined to step up, moving bravely forward.

So, you are invited. Follow my author page at Facebook @croywright. Any posts here will deal specifically with my life as writer: what I write, what I love to read, what I’m learning (or not), and what inspires. Follow me (that sounds so egocentric) on Twitter, @CroyWright, where I’ll…tweet? And share in 140 characters or less.

At the very least, wish me luck. Meanwhile, maybe outdoor plumbing isn’t that bad. But corsets? Not so much.

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The author, a writer of history and historical fiction, always yearned to go back in time.

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