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Moving On

The horizon from where I landed.

Over eight years ago, I wrote the first post on this site. It began as a way of updating and correcting information in an ancestral book I wrote for my family. Over those years, I dug deep into family history, traveled to old homelands, met some wonderful people, and had some amazing experiences. I, likewise, wrote The Maggie Chronicles, four books loosely based on some of those people and experiences, both present and past.

But all good things must end, and with the coming of April, this site will be no more. So, if there is anything here that, for any reason, you would like to keep, be sure to copy it into your records now. And if you do, please remember—verify, verify, verify.

I’ve had some interesting comments from people over the years. I went on a nostalgic tour of them today. Most were from people researching their family history and wondering about any common connections. Interestingly, very few came from my grandmother’s line of Ison and Morris(s), who came out of Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri. A few comments had to do with the Payne family out of Connecticut and Vermont. The majority of the comments came from those researching the Huston, Oswalt, and Croy families, who came together in Londonderry (originally Cumberland Valley) Township in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Then, of course, there is Ohio, a state now dear to my heart, where most of the Bedford crew (along with the Paynes) congregated.

While some few lingered where they landed, most set their sights on other horizons. The story of these families, I discovered, was a story of change, of new adventures, of moving on. And so it is with me. I thank everyone who joined me on this venture, piqued my interest, and led me to consider other ways of seeing. My new horizon is a quiet one, walking a singular path, enjoying my place and my family, face-to-face. And as I move on, I wish you each a new year and life to match the horizons you set. 

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The author, a writer of history and historical fiction, always yearned to go back in time.

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  1. Patricia McHenry

    Thank you for this fascinating journey and sharing with us all.


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