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My Novels through Moonset Press

The Maggie Chronicles

A four book series. Find them all here!

From the eighteenth century Pennsylvania wilderness to seventeenth-century New Haven, from Vermont during the Revolutionary War to Ohio before the Civil War, family historian, Maggie Carter Smith, is drawn inexplicably into her ancestors’ lives. Physically drawn into their worlds, she uncovers the deep connections and intimate details buried in the past.

NEW! Book Four: The Illusion of Loss 

The final installment!

Find it here!

Illusion front cover

Maggie Carter Smith, adrift and disoriented after a terrible loss, is thrown out of the present into a January day in 1860. In spirit and voice, she joins two women on a horse-drawn sleigh ride to a cemetery in eastern Ohio.

During that visit and the ensuing journey home, the women replay the story of a family tarnished by crushing loss, burdensome guilt, and one devastating secret.

A single story told from three perspectives, unleashing the power of forgiveness, which transforms them all.

Book Three: The Legacy of Payne

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Legacy of Payne Front Cover_

Historian Maggie Smith’s research trip to Vermont takes an unexpected turn when the disembodied voice of ancestor Abby Payne materializes in her head.

As this unlikely pair explore Vermont’s present, Abby’s 18th-century past unfurls. There, on the brink of the American Revolution, Abby’s husband, Sam Payne, gambles their futures on a plot of wilderness land where the Green Mountain Boys hold sway.

While long-held secrets jeopardize Abby and Sam’s marriage and the march of war threatens all they hold dear, a compelling story of courage, communion, and sacrifice unfolds.

Book Two: The Forging of Frost

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The forging front cover

Two old books lure family historian Maggie Smith into the story of indentured servant John Frost. 

When John arrives in 17th century New Haven Colony at age twelve, he meets Mercy Payne who garners his trust when he has little to give. But, as they come of age, the chasm between servant and freeman proves insurmountable.

John must battle a malevolent master, political intrigue, and fear of death in his attempt to gain freedom. The books document New Haven trials, from arson and abuse to rebellion and fornication.

But Maggie Smith reads a deeper story, one of love born grace and the will to belong.

Book One: The Scattering of Stones

Find it here!


Two women, each living in a different time and space, yet something inexplicable binds them.

Maggie Carter Smith researches her ancestors’ lives from the comfort of her 21st century California home. But beyond births and death written on a page, Maggie chronicles souls.

Mary Hutton and her family arrived at Wills Creek when treaty lines prohibited settlement. A marriage to Jacob Carter, orphaned, raised and then abandoned by the Shawnee, offers Mary freedom from a father’s reach and protection on the 18th century frontier. But prejudice and intrigue intervene, throwing tragedy, treachery, and murder in their path. 

One thing is clear, from choices made in a heart’s breath moment, whole lives will unfold.

Margaret Carter's map

Margaret Carter’s map of the travels of her mother, Mary Carter. Original art by Linda Zupcic. copyright: DC Wright

Download the color map of Mary’s travels. Margaret Carter’s map 

And a read a short story prequel to Scattering. Check out the short story here!

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