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Historical Fiction

The Scattering of Stones 

a novel by Donna Croy Wright

The Scattering of Stones front Cover FinalTwo women, each living in a different time and space, yet something inexplicable binds them.

Maggie Carter Smith researches her ancestors’ lives from the comfort of her 21st century California home. But beyond births and death written on a page, Maggie chronicles souls.

Mary Hutton and her family arrived at Wills Creek when treaty lines prohibited settlement. A marriage to Jacob Carter, orphaned, raised and then abandoned by the Shawnee, offers Mary freedom from a father’s reach and protection on the 18th century frontier. But prejudice and intrigue intervene, throwing tragedy, treachery, and murder in their path. 

One thing is clear, from choices made in a heart’s breath moment, whole lives will unfold.

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Margaret Carter's map
Margaret Carter’s map of the travels of her mother, Mary Carter. Original art by Linda Zupcic. copyright: DC Wright

Download the color map of Mary’s travels. Margaret Carter’s map

Some songs spoke to me as I wrote. More about the playlist here.

The Scattering of Stones Playlist JPEG

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