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Converging on Missouri and Moving on

This material is constantly under construction and errors may exist. Please, search my postings and always research beyond them to confirm and verify information, PARTICULARLY anything before 1790 because with ever greater distance in time less information of a more tenuous nature exists.

Kentucky Bound

Kentucky 1793

The Ely, Salling, Judy, and Utterback Families

“I was happy in the midst of dangers and inconveniences.”

Daniel Boone

Here are the family sheets with births, deaths, and important detail that I have discovered so far. Any comments that help further the investigation are welcome. Again, to err is human, and I have surely been human in my attempts. Kentucky Family Pages a PDF document After breaking through a brick wall, I am able to add this information regarding the Kentucky links. 2017 PDF Virginia and Kentucky to Missouri

us_expansion_shepherd copyFOLLOWING FREE LAND AND COAL

The family of Mary Elizabeth Ison Croy, wife of Justus Leonice Croy

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