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Two of the Best Blogs for Genealogy, History, and Writing

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“Doing research on the Web is like using a library assembled piecemeal by pack rats and vandalized nightly. ” Roger Ebert

While I always say that I would love to go back in time, I would miss a few important things. A knowledgeable medical community (vaccines, antibiotics, that kind of thing,) ranks at the top of my list, followed closely by warm regular showers. Hard to give up, also, is a gentler, kinder, more equitable attitude toward minorities (think women) and children and a high quality, regular food supply, at least in much of society. But, beyond those essentials, perhaps illogically, I would, if thrown into the past, deeply miss the Internet.

Genealogy, history, and writing consume me of late, (If you call the last three years “of late.”) and the Internet provides me with a “go to” reference library and valuable wellspring of knowledge with which to fuel these passions. The information found online requires the filter of a discerning mind, but real gems abound.

The Library of Congress site stands at the top over all. I use it all the time, especially the pictures on line. But blogs are their own special category, and I keep looking for quality blogs relevant to my interests. The following two blogs rank at the very top of my list for quality, pertinence, and being full of just plain awesome, right-now useable material for genealogy/history and writing.

Number 1 for genealogy/history: “The Legal Genealogist” by Judy Russell It has won numerous awards, and, while heavy into DNA research (which makes me go cross-eyed,) she digs up wonderfully obscure items that deliver a heighten understanding of our ancestors’ worldviews. She was catapulted into favorite because of her last two posts uncovering very cool resources for Massachusetts and Connecticut 17th and 18th century law. Sound boring? Not at all. Check her out.

Number 1 for writing: “Live Write Thrive” by C.S. Lakin It won the top writing blog award for 2015 and almost always gives me the exact information I need at the very moment I need it. She uses regular visiting contributors who expand her blog beyond a single viewpoint, and her “Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing” section excels in providing ways to avoid boring prose. (I’m trying my best.) The hints regarding mechanics come in handy, as well. If you write at all, it is priceless.

What are your favorites?