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Treat #5 for a New Year: Sarah and David Croy

Sarah Angeline and son David with son DanielI found this gem wile rummaging through papers at my parent’s house last fall. Written on the back was “Sarah and David Croy with unknown child.” This photo helped as I identified the “Croy Boy” picture from an earlier post. I find comparing and contrasting photos with known elements to those with unknown elements extremely helpful. So who was this “unknown child” and when was the picture taken? It seems to have been a special occasion, most likely surrounding the birth of this new child. Sarah was great grandmother Sarah (Payne, Smith) Croy who died in 1932. David, a brother of my grandfather, married first Nellia Cannon and then Velva Louise Moody with whom he had two children. The first, Daniel, was born in 1930, and the second, Betty, was born in 1936. Based on this information, the child is probably Daniel Croy, and the picture was taken not long before Sarah’s death in about 193o-31.