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Clearing Weeds:Warrants for Larimer Township, Somerset County, PA

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Larimer revised

Original land warrants for Larimer TWP. (square identifies Richard Croy’s plot; circles identify plots of George Cook Sr. and Jr.) Courtesy Ancestor Tracks…go there for enlarged map.

There are all kinds of weeds, and some are of your own making. California’s golden hills produce an abundance of weeds, and the threat of fire requires a one hundred foot firebreak around your home. Consequently, between weed eating and just plain weeding, I have put off some important posts. Of top priority is the following response to a comment made regarding the “Where On Wills Creek” post, in which I dig into some weedy research.

First, I appreciate the comments of my followers so much. They lead me to deeper investigation that helps clarify my thinking and usually uncovers new information. Lannie Dietle[i] did just that with this comment. “George Cook (Book C-20, Page 261) on Laurel Run is in Larimer Township, Somerset County, PA, see the Larimer Township Warrant survey map. If memory serves, this is on Shirley Hollow Road. Anyway, I did a detailed study of the road his tract was along, which is why I know where the property is located.”

Correct! I did the research suggested and found the survey maps, one for George Cook Sr. (C20 pg 261) and George Cook Jr. (C21 pg 169) at the Pennsylvania Archives.[ii] They both are in Larimer Township and not in the section of Londonderry Township to which the Wills Creek post refers. Wills Creek goes up into Larimer Township and it was once part of Londonderry Township, put that’s no excuse.

My error came from assume-acide. I took information from Andrew Huston’s warrant applying for 50 acres of land “lying in Bedford County Cumberland Valley Township…bounded on west by John Hawthorns Tract–by George Cooks Land on the N West by Nicolas Liberger on the North by Alexander Ross on the east & on the South by the Wills-Town-Tract at the Mouth of Gladens Run”[iii] and determined erroneously that the warrants above referred to the same land. Again…wrong!

But with a little weeding some flowers grow. Imagine my delight, when I discovered Richard Croy, my 4X great uncle, while analyzing the Larimer Township Warrant survey map.[iv] I knew of the warrant date 1 November 1784 and I had the individual survey map[v] but had no idea where Scaffel Camp Run was located. But now I know so much more. And I have a new project. Go back to the Wills Creek information for further research… a George Cook lived there in southern Londonderry Township…but who else? And ”Where On Wills Creek?” indeed.

[i] Check out this web site for great work on Michael Korn of Somerset County, PA

[ii] Note: The PA Archives is a great site–if you explore the land records. I section a bit to get the “lay of the land.” Yes the pun was intended. The key section is patent indexes by surname.

[iii] Andrew Huston 1 March 1763 Witnessed 2 December 1784; Pennsylvania Land Warrants and Applications, 1733-1952; accessed 8/25/2013

[iv] Ancestor Tracks A fabulous site.

[v] Ibid ii (C29 pg 120)