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Two Last Postcards as the Old Year Ends

New years card 1front

This charming verse was sent, not to Susie Meyer as were the postcards in previous posts, but to her future husband, Carl Schulz. His brother William Schulz sent the card. He was born in Brandenburg, Germany on January 1, 1887. Read the greeting. You can hear the German accent in his words. New years card 1back

Sent on January 7, 1908, the greeting above came long before the card seen below, and the wedding of Carl Schulz and Susie Meyer on June 8, 1915. But somehow it fell into Susie’s collection.

This card was posted December 30, 2014, one of Susie’s newer keepsakes. Compare the two cards. What a different feel they each have! Seven years more modern and fashionable!

new years card 2front

The greeting from friend Gladys is brief. A card for the new year, it matches my own New Year’s wishes. I just sent my cards—didn’t make the Christmas deadline. Fashions may change but not much in human nature!

new years card 2back

All dates in this post come from The Schulz Genealogy: The Heritage of Martin and Marie Schulz by Martha Knoll Isensee written in 1987. God Bless the family genealogist!

A Merry Christmas Postcard

Xmas Card 2front

Sent December 27, 1909 to Susie Meyer’s best friend Hattie S. (Susie is my maternal grandmother. She named her third child, my mother, Hattie.) The value of this treasure is just sinking in: Susie saved the cards; my mother rescued them; she gave them to me; they’re nearly a hundred years old. Priceless!

In this digital age, how many of us are squirreling away written ephemera to be treasured long after bones turn to dust. We might be missing something in a time where having and saying too much means too little. Thank you, Mom and Grandma Susie—and Season’s Greetings!

xmas card 2back

A New Book and an Old Postcard

xmas postcard 1frontMy own special Christmas gift just arrived! My historical fiction book, The Scattering of Stones, comes out in early February, 2018. I confess, working on this book, along with one in the wings and one in the works, has curtailed my genealogy investigations a bit. I’ll get back to that addiction soon.

Until then, and in honor of the season, I am posting some wonderful postcards my mother, Hattie Beatrice Schulz Croy, gave to me. Her mother, Susannah Johanna Meyer, saved them as a teenager[i] in the early 20th century when postcards were the equivalent of Facebook.

So what can we learn from a postcard? Let’s take a look.xmas card 1 back

  • Susie was thirteen years old.
  • She lived in Millston, Wisconsin as of November 15, 1909
  • Postage was one cent for a postcard
  • It had rained in early November 1909
  • Susie’s friend was Hattie S. (Check out my mother’s name!)

[i] Susie was born on July 12, 1896 in Shelby, La Crosse, Wisconsin to John Meyer and Mary Herman Wisconsin, Births and Christenings Index, 1801-1928 [accessed December 2017]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.